Sunday, October 16, 2016

So, Infinite Realms.

Current state:
User can log in, pick their character, walk around and have monsters displayed on the terrain. Lots and lots of background code is done which will make this architecture a real powerhouse. Lots of detail going on behind the scenes already. GPS is already in use. Map rotation via phone's compass. Monsters are already aware of clients (had them following us around the other day for debugging.)

Current work for Dan:
Improving the terrain, displaying the world with SRTM data. Server already handles it, client already gets it. Just need to make it pretty when it is rendered.
Evolution system for monsters. Yeah, we are kinda implementing an completely dynamic fantasy ecosystem. Monsters already get hungry and feed. Next step is mutation.
Implement interactive client combat system. Pretty much need to make what is available to the monsters accessible to the client.
Add Mike's GUI to the client. Mike has done some awesome work on our GUI. Need add this to the client and link it to the code.

Side note: If you were new here, don't mind the crazy drone designs. I was doing drones before they were cool. :P Much has improved since then.